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Experience Premiere Basketball Tournaments with YM Athletics

Youth Basketball Tournaments in New Jersey & Philadelphia, PA

At YM Athletics, we’re dedicated to bringing you top-tier basketball tournaments in New Jersey & the areas around Philadelphia, PA. Our tournaments provide exceptional competition, unparalleled exposure, quality awards & prizes, and a great atmosphere.

Our Basketball Tournament Features


State of the Art Facilities

Our tournaments are held in cutting-edge basketball venues, offering the perfect stage for high-level competition. You can trust that our tournaments will take place in a top-notch environment that players and spectators will love.


Customized Awards and Trophies

We provide awards for the winners of all our tournaments to celebrate the accomplishments of our participants.  From medals, trophies and swag bags it is our way of recognizing the outstanding players and teams that make our tournaments exceptional.


Professional Photography and Videography

We know that capturing those unforgettable moments is crucial. That’s why we offer professional photography and videography services to document the highlights of our tournaments, preserving the excitement for years to come.


Marketing and Promotion

Hosting a tournament is one thing; attracting participants and spectators is another. From live streaming, social media campaigns before and after events for both teams and players to extend our reach to local communities and beyond.

Join us on this exciting journey to make a lasting impact
on the world of basketball. Your path to excellence starts here.
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